I am a retired teacher having worked in local schools until 2008 when I decided to combine work and travel, taking jobs in international schools in Russian Federation, France, Cyprus and Ukraine. 

Like many people, I have always wanted to try my hand at writing; especially having spent the best part of 40 years helping and encouraging children to write stories. What I needed was a push and deadlines, which the writing group offers. I am, essentially, writing for myself using my considerable life experiences and have no thoughts of seeking publication. I like the challenge and enjoyment of writing.

The Journey August 2020

Into the Final Furlong February 2020

The Night My Life Changed Forever. November 2019


Born to be Wild

The Rendezvous

Family Saga

Given the brief of writing a family saga, I have written a short story where love is the catalyst for dividing a family where, due to tragic circumstances, love wins through for one membe

That Time Remembered. June 2019

The task was a story from childhood. I chose to write about a significant day from my own childhood that was, and still remains, very vivid in my mind.

The Exchange1 Added May 2019

The task was to write a story called ‘The Exchange’ following a discussion about exchanges of things and people. My story is based on the real life situation of a couple of my friends. As I started wr

Two strangers added May 2019

Having just joined the group, this was my first task;- a piece of dialogue using characters created by other members of the group before I joined. I found this quite challenging as I was using their c

Working Title added May 2019

I chose writing a spy story over a detective story. I wrote the opening chapter and the closing chapter with a synopsis of possible ideas for the middle of the story. Maybe later on I will return to c