Nick Fieldhouse

Nick Fieldhouse is a retired commercial lawyer in Surrey who likes to write, paint, play golf and travel, along with spending time with the family. These stories draw on his life and to that extent may be said to be in part autobiographical.

The Cable Car New July 2018

This is Nick's version of the Character's challenge.

The Lady from Lucca (New 3/9/17)

Under my Skin (New 8/6/17)

This is a story about bullying.

The Long Walk Home (New 8/6/17)

This is an account of a refugeeā€™s experience.

The Hedge (New 8/6/17)

A fantasy about domestic life.

The Family (New 6/6/17)

A story about family ties in Asia

The Boy

A story about a father and son.


This is a fantasy about rites of passage.

Mary Donovan

This is a tale about love in the time of the first world war.

The Wine Project

A tale about friends who go into business together.

The Young Lawyer

This is about the of a experience of a young professional.