The Deal added May 2019

Musings on Matters Medical (New January 2018)

The Hero (New 3/9/17)

This is the story I wrote after hearing of a young soldiers death from a neighbour

May, Angus and Freda 2 (New 17/8/17)

May, Angus and Freda (new 17/8/17)

These stories started to bubble in my imagination after a friend bought an old camper van. Hopefully there will be more adventures to come.

Memories of Box Hill (New May 2017)

The writing task was to write a story of incident related to Box Hill in Surrey.
This story imagines and old woman in Australia with a disturbing memory from her childhood.

Secrets and Lies

I can't remember what prompted this piece but I really enjoyed writing it.

Busy Bee

Following a friend's funeral

Costa Taverna

Memories from our time in Greece