Mike Cockett is the leader of a Narrative Writing group in the Reigate and Redhill U3A. He has been writing for many years, mainly for the children he was teaching or as part of Creative Arts projects in schools.

So far he has made only one successful attempt at publishing fiction, a children’s book titled “Scar”, unfortunately only published in German.

The short stories and autobiographical pieces on this site are a selection of those produced as contributions to the narrative writing group.

If you have any comments or feedback of any sort he can be contacted at: 


The Open Window June 2021

This is a story based on a little known meeting between Hitler and Petain which took place in war time France.The incident itself is true but the story surrounding it is entirely fictional.

The Time Being. August 2020

A simple lockdown story

A Soldier of the Queen Part 1. January 2020

This was an exercise in writing a narrative, in this case a piece of autobiography, which started at one point then circled backwards before returning to the starting point.

A Soldier of the Queen part 2 January 2020

A follow up to part one with the same format.

The Mummy

This is my response to the task or writing a detective story. It owes a lot to TV police dramas. Finding a halfway credible plot proved difficult.

Parson's Lot August 2018

This is my response the the "Characters" exercise. I think I got all the characters in there but it took a more extended story.

Escape from Angel Meadow Septemberr 2017

The task we set ourselves was to write a piece based on research. I chose Manchester in 19th Century and my main source was Angel Meadow: Victorian Britain's Most Savage Slum by Dean Kirby.

Hey There (New June 2017)

This was a sketch written as part of an evening of songs and stories performed by members of the Reigate and Redhill U3A. It is based on "Hey There" from the Pyjama Game.

The Way I Remember It.

This is a section of short biographical pieces. I make no claims for historical accuracy only that it is the way I remember it.

She Moved On

Each month we have a guest speaker and this story imagines a connection between the speaker and a new U3A member.

I'm A Believer

This piece is not autobiographical but it is based on experience in a chemotherapy suite.

The leaflet

This was written in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis but seems almost prescient today,